The vast majority of this work is done in Belfast in partnership with the Clonard Youth Ministry Team.

Each summer SERVE participates in a week long Youth Outreach project in west Belfast involving the Youth Ministry Team and SERVE Volunteers. The Outreach project involves summer camps, sports days and day trips. The SERVE Volunteers also partcipate in advocacy efforts including “Up Against the Wall”, an ongoing campaign to remove the Peace Lines that run through interface areas in Belfast dividing the nationalist and unionist communities.

Although not taking place in a developing country, SERVE’s work in Belfast meets the needs of some of the most disadvantaged in Irish society and is typical of SERVE’s work elsewhere demonstrating a committment to youth capacity development.

“While the focus of the outreach was clearly and deservedly on the local youths we volunteers unanimously felt that it was very beneficial and indeed fun for us too. The vast majority of those involved had enjoyed previous editions of this project and I got a distinct impression that it was very much an eagerly anticipated annual event. I can think of no more notable a testament of its merits.” (Volunteer involved in the Youth Outreach project 2010).

Volunteering with:

  • Youth Outreach
  • Summer Camps
  • Leadership Training Projects for Young People
  • Advocacy Campaigns

Other Areas We Volunteer in

South Africa