SERVE supports the Badjao through super typhoon Rai

Super Typhoon Rai (known as “Odette” in the Philippines) hit the Philippines on December 16th, 2021. It was the 15th storm to hit the country in 2021 and was the strongest storm of 2021. Millions were affected in the path of Typhoon Rai which hit Cebu, the home of the Badjao Tribe community that SERVE has supported for over 19 years

Their homes, like many others in Cebu, were severely damaged. Many of these homes were funded by SERVE and erected over time by SERVE volunteers. Typhoon Rai upended lives, ruined utilities, caused power and telecommunications disruptions, and even affected fishing, which is a vital source of income and livelihood for the Badjao Tribe. It was quite heartbreaking for us to see this community being harmed. SERVE has demonstrated its solidarity in action by distributing food packets to 450 families in the Badjao Tribe community. This was made possible with contributions from supporters like you. The Presentation Sisters of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary (PBVM), Philippine Vice Province, led this emergency response operation.

The Presentation Sisters’ Nano Nagle team in Cebu worked diligently in January (2021), completing community assessments, shelter renovations, water distribution, chest x-rays, and distributing food packs supported by SERVE. SERVE’s collaboration with the Presentation Sisters, as well as the joint efforts of the Badjao community and many others, such as the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer Redemptorist Missionaries Typhoon Odette Response Team, made this possible.

SERVE supports distribution of supplies for the Badjao tribe after typhoon Rai
Volunteer helps distribute supplies post typhoon Rai

Distributing supplies to the Badjao community

SERVE and our volunteers have a close relationship with the Redemptorist Parish in Cebu. Families in the village have opened their homes to our volunteers for many years, an experience our volunteers treasure along with their time helping with the Badjao Tribe.

Few photos of distributing supplies in the Badjao community

SERVE supports distribution of supplies for the Badjao tribe after typhoon Rai
Supplies are laid out for distribution in the Badjao community
Supply packs prepared by distribution team
Preparing rice packs for distribution
Dr. Elaine of CiTEC and the Nano Nagle Team

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