Our Work

SERVE work with partners in Africa, Asia and South America. SERVE works towards the strategic goal of reducing vulnerability and improving livelihood security. We also have a specific interest in increasing access to Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) for young people

SERVE Strategic Plan

Organisational Models & Geographical Focus

Working towards the strategic goal of a global reduction in vulnerability and improvement in livelihood security

Partnership Model:

SERVE works through a partnership model as we believe that partnership is the best way of achieving sustainable development for our key target groups. SERVE have 15 partnersthroughout the world. We support these partners in three ways:

  1. Funding support for development projects or programmes;
  2. Placement of short term and long term volunteers; and
  3. Helping to build partner’s capacity in the areas of management, finances and accounting, monitoring and evaluation, child protection etc.

Funding Model:

SERVE uses its own funding, including money fundraised by volunteers in communities throughout Ireland, as “seed capital” to get matching funds from donors. SERVE have strong funding relationships with a number of donors including Irish Aid, Misean Cara, Electric Aid, JP McManus Charitable Fund, the RTE One World Fund and the Irish Dairy Board. SERVE are one of only 24 organisations who have been invited to apply for Programme Funding by Irish Aid in its recent call for proposals. We are grateful to these organisations for their continued support.

SERVE’s Geographic Focus:

1. SERVE are implementing a long-term Development Programme for targeted communites in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. 2. As part of our Volunteering Programme SERVE provides small-scale funding & capacity building support for partners in South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, India, the Philippines, Thailand and Brazil 3. SERVE acts as the Development Agent for the Redemptorists at Misean Cara. SERVE have secured grants for development projects in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Congo (DRC), Niger, Kenya, Brazil, India, the Philippines and Haiti.