Where in the World? Development Education Lessons

Welcome to SERVE’s Where in the World? Lesson Plans in support of our Flip-Flop Appeal. Each week, you and your children can join the SERVE Flip-Flop as he visits our different partners around the world. Over the next four weeks, we will upload 4 Lesson plans for you to download, to accompany us on this virtual journey around the world.

The Lesson plans, will broadly link into the Irish Primary School Geography Curriculum from infants through to 4th class will include a short activity, along with an action that children can take in solidarity with our partners and communities around the world. We would invite you to share your artwork, actions and home-school SERVE lessons with us by emailing photos, videos or messages to siobhan@serve.ie

Lesson Plan 1: Where in the World? – The Philippines

Lesson Plan 2: Where in the World? – Zambia

Lesson Plan 3: Where in the World? – Mozambique

Lesson Plan 4: Where in the World? – South Africa