Organise your own fundraiser

Join SERVE’s community of fundraisers today to show your solidarity in action. All donations go directly into SERVE’s work with our partners across the globe.

Let your creativity guide you and put the fun into fundraiser. Get your family, friends, organisation and even customers involved. Your donations will go a long way in improving people’s lives.

You can host a fundraiser online, a meet up in person – you choose what works best for you and your community. We’re always available to help you along the way with a fundraiser toolkit and anything else that you need to host a successful fundrasier.

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Fundraising Tips


Share your personalised story of solidarity to advocate for the people SERVE works with.


Stick to facts. We're always available to share details of our programmes with you to support your fundraising efforts.

Share off and online

Make posters and put them up on community noticeboards in your area and also share it online to promote your fundraiser. Make an online donation page (we can help you with this).

Cork Global Goals Youth Village

Fundraising Ideas

Pub Quiz

Get cozy in your local pub. Draw up trivia questions. Charge a ticket. Organise a raffle. You're ready to go.

Challenge: Walk/Run/Hike/Skydive

A good challenge amplifies the challenges of the people our partners work with. Pick your challenge, get a team together and fundraise together.


Organise warm cups of coffee and tea with home-made scones and cakes in your office, community centre or even your home. Share stories with facts of the people our partners work with to host a successful coffee-morning.

Check the SERVE Fundraising Toolkit