SERVE’s Development Work in Vietnam

SERVE have been working in Hanoi, Vietnam since 2018, alongside one partner – The Centre for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS). CSDS is a local NGO committed to youth and community development. CSDS was established in 2009, inspired by the belief that young people are central to the development process in Vietnam. They implement sustainable development programmes across Vietnam which empower youth, develop communities, and promote intercultural exchange through volunteerism, civic engagement, and active citizenship. CSDS’ activities contribute towards the achievement of the Global Goals.

CSDS also promote international volunteering and exchange, to support local communities and to contribute towards the personal development of both local and international volunteers. International volunteers teach English language classes, facilitate creative arts workshops, and deliver workshops around life skills and leadership.

CSDS have a close relationship with Irish Embassy in Hanoi, working together to promote the shared values of Vietnam and Ireland, to inspire youths to work towards achieving the Global Goals, and to provide opportunities for Vietnamese students to study in Ireland.

In 2020, in response to Covid-19, SERVE volunteers continued to support CSDS virtually, teaching English language classes to Vietnamese students.

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