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Meet Marília

Marília lives in Beira, Mozambique. She was able to overcome self-doubt and join Young Africa through a SERVE scholarship.

Meet Marília.

Marília lives in the 15th district of Chingussura in Beira, Mozambique. Marília recently graduated from Young Africa Mozambique through a scholarship from the Skills for Youth Resilience Programme (SYRP).

Marília completed the cosmetology course at Young Africa Mozambique. SERVE and Young Africa have worked in partnership since 2007 to help young people fight poverty through life skills, education, technical skills training and entrepreneurship skills.

Southern Africa is experiencing a severe unemployment crisis. The SYRP is a direct response to help young people in Zimbabwe and Mozambique gain technical skills that will allow them to transition to entrepreneurship. This programme helps the young people, with whom our partners work, to fight poverty. SERVE And Young Africa have together designed the Skills for Youth Resilience Programme (SYRP) to promote entrepreneurship through scholarships and relevant Graduate Kits.

“My dream is to grow and be an icon in my city and in my country, because if I am established in this business I will help in the training of disadvantaged young people to start their business.” – Marília, Beira, Mozambique

The young people in the communities where Young Africa work live with doubts because Marília told us that, “Many are afraid to approach Young Africa, thinking they don’t have the right to be there, but that’s not true because Young Africa supports everyone.”

Your donation supports the Skills for Youth Resilience Programme (SYRP) which ensure access to quality education and support to launch a small business.


“Young Africa and SERVE are important in my life journey. They have helped me a lot. When I received the scholarship, I was very emotional, I was afraid, but people motivated me by saying that I am capable.”

When you donate to SERVE, you will be giving many youths like Marília the chance to prosper, to feel confident and achieve their dreams. Your donation to SERVE will help create a ripple effect of confident young people fighting poverty.


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every Gift Matters

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Everyone has the right to dream and make those dreams come true even though it’s not easy at all. Every little help matters.

It’s a great feeling to know that people give you support. I can’t thank them enough. Marília, Beira, Mozambique