SERVE Solidarity Buzz '21

2021 demonstrated human fragility and resilience in equal measure. SERVE tirelessly worked to fund and forge solidarity initiatives, supporting families and communities to move from acute fragility to resilient hope.

Thank You

We thank our overseas partners, and SERVE staff, volunteers, and supporters, for helping us deliver programmes, in tryingly difficult times.

Empowered Youth

We completed the SERVE Development Programme 2018-2021 with Young Africa Zimbabwe and Young Africa Mozambique, supporting 7,343 young people.

Trail in Scala

This year, supported by SERVE and funded by the European Solidarity Corps, a group of 12 volunteers created a Global Goals trail on-site in SERVE HQ in Scala, Blackrock.

SERVE's Commitment to solidarity In Action

With no volunteers traveling, we lost an irreplaceable personal connection with our partners. It is so important to remember that their work still continues to improve the lives of others even without our overseas volunteer programme, and this is why the SERVE partnership-based approach is so critical for sustainable development, now more than ever. We also know that despite not being physically working with our partners in-country, we can still make a difference from home through,

the power of fundraising, development education and advocacy. So much of our work on the ground in Ireland this year was about how we can all make local changes that can make an impact globally, which directly impacts the people in the communities we support.

Thank you everyone for your continued support. We love hearing from you, so please keep in touch in 2022!


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