Happy Easter from Team SERVE

In July 2016, when a truck intentionally drove into a crowd in Nice in France, a parent whispered words of hopeless grief “It feels as though someone has torn out my heart”.

In 2022 our human spirits are daily diminished as we are bombarded with terrible news about our own inhumanity to each other. The continuing attacks on the people of the Ukraine are relentless. Similar humanitarian tragedies prevail in Syria, Yemen, Mozambique, Burkina Faso but to name a few. The United Nations warns of a climate tipping point on emissions.

We are in liminal times, on the threshold of breakdown or breakthrough, so that something new can and will emerge. From where will the healing come? Inspiring leaders from a diverse set of backgrounds argue that we are called to a courageous commitment to action, contemplation and prophesy- to be present to the mysterious extremes of each human being, and to connect with, and be a light for the innocent millions caught up in a reign of prevalent darkness.

SERVE is dedicated to sending forth “tiny ripples of hope”. Our volunteer and development programmes energise creative alternatives to despair.

The celebration of Easter reinforces belief in the original blessing that is creation, that is humanity, that is unconditional love. Easter faith essentially stands by the hope that the ultimate future will be blessed.

Hope emerges when the future is utterly uncertain and unpredictable. In Hope in the Dark cultural historian Rebecca Solnit referring to the feeling of apprehension across the globe, writes, ‘We don’t know what is going to happen or how, or when, and that very uncertainty is the space for hope’.

The Easter story is told, as a blessing for those who feel overwhelmed by today’s defeatist perspective, giving them firm ground to stand on. Blessings to all the SERVE family and supporters.

Gerard O’Connor, SERVE Chairperson

“SERVE is dedicated to sending forth ‘tiny ripples of hope’. Our volunteer and development programmes energise creative alternatives to despair.”