Meet Madalena from Beira

We’d like to introduce you to Madalena, a mum of two living in Beira, Mozambique. Madalena enrolled in the cookery course at Young Africa Beira in 2019. Before enrolling in this course, she was met with numerous life challenges, especially having to raise two young children on her own. 

Donate to secure the future of youth like Madalena

Madalena was determined to overcome these challenges and so found her way to the Young Africa centre for technical and vocational skills training in Beira. SERVE and Young Africa have been partners for over a decade. Young Africa recognises that many of their students are parents and need good quality childcare to continue their training. And so, they have a creche on site. The creche on site at the Beira campus was built and refurbished with financial support from SERVE. Some of our SERVE volunteers have even worked on doing a lovely painting job at that creche.

While pursuing the cookery course, Madalena also trained in life-skills and entrepreneurship. Young Africa ensures that she trains directly with business owners, which means Madelana is immediately employable after she graduates.

Madalena received a SERVE scholarship to complete the course. She has now graduated from Young Africa and has successfully secured a job.

You must know that donations from our supporters are integral to these scholarship programmes. Your donations help others like Madalena to claim their economic independence.

Help young people secure their future Madalena

Help young people secure their future

SERVE and Young Africa are working together to ensure that young people living in Beira and other rural areas have access to quality education to overcome poverty. COVID has presented another layer of challenges to young people like Madalena and to our fundraising efforts.

Supporting SERVE ensures that more young people can access this opportunity and prosper in life. Donate to the SERVE Christmas Appeal and help other young people like Madalena secure their future.

  • €50 could help with sponsoring a scholarship
  • €100 could help them purchase materials for starting a business
  • €250 could help them start their own business

Make your festive season even more meaningful. Your donation goes a long way to contribute towards empowerment of young people like Madalena. You are part of the solution.

Donate to SERVE Christmas Appeal

You are part of the solution.

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