SERVE's Development Work with Assumption Parish

IrishCharity SERVE Mazabuka Zambia
Darren Hennelly with staff from Flamboyant Special School with eggs from their poltry farm supported by SERVE (2021)

About Assumption Parish

SERVE works in partnership with different organisations in the Assumption Parish Community in Mazabuka, Zambia. The frst partner we worked with is the St. Bakhitas Association, in 2008. 


The Assumption Parish Community and partners include:

  • St. Bakhita’s (Good Samaritan) House Youth Centre
  • Luyobolola Primary school
  • Flamboyant Special school
  • St. Patrick’s Secondary school
  • Lukavilla Arts Centre

SERVE are working with the St. Bakhitas Association to help provide youth infrastructure and to train key St. Bakhitas Association personnel and young people to implement youth leadership training programmes based on the model developed by SERVE in Zimbabwe.

In 2011, SERVE sent skilled volunteers to St. Bakhitas to train young people and community leaders in a Youth Leadership Training Programme.

SERVE’s work in Mazabuka is in its early phase, as it’s a challenge to work without guaranteed funding. Our aim at SERVE is to support our partners to become self-sustainable.

Youths tending to growing vegetables in the garden

Community Vegetable Garden Project

The garden at the youth centre is a small-scale project that continues to do well and garner. The garden produces all year round and forms part of the centre’s sustainability plan. The youth that helps produce the vegetables can take what they grow.

Chickens in their new home in Flamboyant School

SERVE’s work with the Flamboyant Special School –Chicken Project

Flamboyant Special School in Mazabuka currently has 97 learners with hearing, physical and intellectual impairments, and learners with cerebral palsy. Flamboyant Special School receives no support from the Zambian government and so is heavily dependent on donors and partners like SERVE.

In March 2020, SERVE  funded a chicken project for the Flamboyant Special School and further funded the project in January 2021. As a result, the school has 300 chickens that are currently laying around 100 eggs daily. The school now sells approximately 10 trays a day in an established market within the community. 

This project has helped two older students who have learned invaluable skills on how to look after the chickens and also learn to set up budget. 

Students at Luyobolola National School with Darren Hennelly (2021)

SERVE’s work with Luyobolola National School

In 2020, SERVE helped Luyobolola Primary school to build 3 classrooms and a full ablution/toilet block. Before building the ablution, 900 pupils were using a wall behind the school as a toilet. Now with the brand-new ablution block, students can study and work in a sanitary environment.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, we also helped the school with a farm project in the nearby parish. Three hectares of sunflower seed and two hectares of maize were sown with the help of SERVE funding. We hope that the harvest will benefit the school’s feeding programme which consists of a maize porridge with ground nuts. Sadly, for some students, this breakfast could be the only meal they could have all day.

School supplies for St. Patrick's funded by SERVE

SERVES’s work with St. Patrick’s Secondary School & the Lukavilla Art Centre

We have helped St. Patrick’s secondary school by sponsoring learning materials and we continue to support Luzyobolo arts and Cultural Centre, with hopeful exciting projects on the horizon.

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