Irish charity SERVE Mazabuka youth workshop

Leadership and Life Skills Workshop in the Assumption Parish Youth Centre

In March 2021, SERVE funded a three-day leadership and life skills workshop. 

The workshop was facilitated  by fantastic speakers on different topics and the feedback from participants, all ranging from 18 to 30 years of age, was very positive. The participants felt rewarded by learning skills they never knew they could learn, for example self development skills.

SERVE plans to host various types of workshops which will focus on different skill sets in the future. Through our workshops, the youth of Mazabuka have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and gain skills that will enable them to prosper in their lives.

Feedback from few of the participants

"I'm here to interact with new people. To learn new things, to acquire knowledge and to become a better person. I want to be able to put into practice all I learn and share it with other people"

"I'm here to gain skills and have a vision towards achieving my future goals. I expect to get motivated, acquire the knowledge which shall sustain my action plan. I want to be a productive youth and I want to be able to serve my community."

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