SERVE's Development Work with Young Africa Mozambique

Irish Charity SERVE's development work in Young Africa Mozambique
SERVE Volunteers in Young Africa Beira campus

About Young Africa Mozambique​

Young Africa Mozambique is focused on empowering young people to live and works in two communities near Beira. 

Young Africa Mozambique has  has a TVET Centre in the Manga community outside Beira. This Centre has been operational since 2008 and has provided accredited TVET training in 17 distinct skills to over 5,000 young people. Life skills training is mainstreamed into all activities and 70% of graduates are economically active.

Young Africa operates a pioneering Franchise Model which involves local business people running their business as franchisees at the TVET Centre.

Young people are trained as part of the production process or service delivery, and graduate with an accredited qualification. This model has helped the TVET centre achieve 55% self-sustainability after 4 years.

There is huge potential for the agricultural sector in Mozambique and within the context of the Beira Agricultural Growth Corridor plan Young Africa plans to replicate the Franchise Model in the new centre in Dondo community – providing exclusively agricultural based TVET courses to rural youth.

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