Happy 25th to Young Africa

SERVE joined Young Africa for their 25 year anniversary in Amserdam, the Netherlands

Young Africa 25 years 2023

John McCarthy & Joanna Dukkipati from Team SERVE joined Young Africa in Amsterdam to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

It was an incredibly heartwarming occasion surrounded by Dorien Beurskens (CEO & co-founder) family along with their long time supporters, business owners and various organisations like Ashoka & NABC. Susan Madodo, Director of Young Afrcia Zimbabwe was also present at the celebrations.

A powerful key note speech was delivered by Pape Sambe, Global Vice President, Ashoka Africa. His speech was titled ‘The Future is African’.

There was also a narrative changing panel discussion featuring: Susan Madodo, Pape Sambe, Nuria Vlonk-Cunha Soares (Head of Community & Africa Insights Desk at NABC) and Jurriaan Middelhoff (Dutch Ambassador for Youth, Education and Work).

Key takeaways from this evening was explained by Pape Sambe who urged everyone to consider “resource sharing, power sharing” and harness “collective impact”.


Pape Sambe also said that the organisations, people we work with in Africa are “not beneficiaries – call them co-leaders”


The panelists were asked their wishes for the youth – Their responses were as follows:

Pape Sambe said, “(Leaders/everyone) have the courage to listen to young people

Susan Madodo said, “Independence to reach their (youth) potential using hands, mind & soul.”

Nuria Vlonk-Cunha Soares’ wish for youth was, “Freedom to live.”

Jurriaan Middelhoff’s wishes for youth were, “Perspective in personal life, perspective on economic opportunities and democratic rights.”


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