"SERVE isn't just an organisation to me; it's a family united by a common purpose."

Paula Quigley from Team SERVE writes an emotional “See you later!” letter to announce that she’s on maternity leave!

Paula Quigley @ Coal Quay Farmers Market in Cork for Flip Appeal (2022)

Dear SERVE Community,

As I sit down to write this, my heart is filled with both excitement and a touch of bittersweet emotion.

It is with a mix of joy and a tinge of sadness that I announce my temporary departure from my role as the Programmes and Administration Manager here at SERVE. Life is presenting me with a beautiful new chapter as I prepare to become a mother!

As I go on maternity leave, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on my time at SERVE, the incredible journey we’ve been on together, and the lasting impact it has had on me.

My journey with SERVE began on the 2009 Philippines Volunteer Programme. Little did I know then that this organisation, dedicated to partnering with communities in the global south, would become an integral part of my life’s path.

In 2011, I joined Team SERVE as an intern, eager to contribute to the meaningful work of this charity. Over the years, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to volunteer with SERVE partners in South Africa and Mozambique too.

In 2019, life brought me back from New Zealand to Ireland, and fate had its way of guiding me back to SERVE to become the Programmes and Administration Manager.

These experiences with SERVE opened my eyes to the resilience and strength of the communities we support, reaffirming the importance of its mission. The experiences, knowledge, and friendships I gained with SERVE has shaped me into the person I am today. It will shape the mother I will become too.

Working with such a passionate and driven team has been an absolute delight. Together, we planned volunteer programmes, advocacy campaigns, fundraisers, and events that brought us closer to our goals.


It will shape the mother I will become too.


The brainstorming sessions were always full of creativity, and seeing our ideas come to life was immensely rewarding. I am confident that the team, with its unwavering commitment, will continue to thrive and make a lasting impact on the lives of those we help.

I also look forward to the SERVE 20th anniversary on Nov 11th  in Cork. I hope to see you at it to raise our glasses to 20 years of unwavering dedication to partnering with communities in the global south. (Click for tickets.)

Now, as I step away temporarily to embrace the impending arrival of my baby, I leave with a heart full of gratitude. SERVE isn’t just an organisation to me; it’s a family united by a common purpose.

Thank you everyone for supporting SERVE and for the collective drive to make a difference to those left furthest behind.  

Until we meet again, take care, stay inspired, and keep making the world a better place, one step at a time!

Warm wishes,


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