During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic SERVE has offered financial support for emergency relief and COVID-19 related programmes in different countries

Cork based, Irish Charity, SERVE adopts the partnership model approach to tackle inequality in the world. In addition to donor grants, public donations to SERVE are also crucial to this relief. Your regular donation to SERVE helps tackle challenges where it is most needed.  

Emergency Relief in the Philippines 

SERVE has financially supported the Presentation Sisters twice in 2021 to purchase and distribute emergency food supplies for the Badjao community in Cebu.  This ensured that 419 families and 69 “transient families” were provided with food supplies such as rice, noodles, canned goods, sugar and coffee over two months. 

Once the community received the funds from SERVE, the Presentation Sisters mobilised a local team of teachers and youth leaders to organise the distribution of the food supplies. This was done by following COVID-19 safety protocol. The Presentation Sisters closely monitored the distribution and kept a record of who received the food supplies.

In December 2021 the Badjao community were strongly hit by the Super Typhoon Rai. Homes were destroyed along with severe disturbance to water supply. In an emergency response to the typhoon, SERVE immediately sent financial support to purchase and distribute emergency food supplies in the community. This was again overseen by our partners, the Presentation Sisters.

Badjao community receiving water Dec 28th

COVID Awareness Programmes in India

SERVE and Association of People with Disability (APD) have worked together since 2005 to support people living with disabilities in Karnataka, India.

SERVE sent financial support to APD to initiate COVID-19 awareness programme in three rural districts of Karnataka, India. The main goal of the project was to protect people with disabilities against COVID infection by mobilising the local health departments for vaccinations of people living with disabilities (PwDs). 

This project also ensures PwDs and high-risk groups access services during the lockdown period by devising alternative methods of delivery. APD has implemented the project with the support of RPD task force leaders with the support of govt departments such as Dept. for the Empowerment of Differently Abled and Senior Citizens and other relevant stakeholders. Read more.

APD COVID Awareness_SERVE_India

Your regular donation to SERVE helps continue our work in vulnerable communities in different countries