Hanumantha's Mobility

SERVE recognises the importance of including people living with disabilities to achieve the Global Goals or the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals. Hanumantha’s story highlights our focus through our partnership with the Association of People with Disability (APD) in Bangalore, India. This is possible with financial support from SERVE and through donations from our supporters.

About Hanumantha

Hanumantha is 25 years old living in Nagalapura village in Karnataka, India. Hanumantha was born with multiple physical disabilities including visual impairment and loco-motor disability. Hanumantha receives a monthly pension but has not accessed other support services from the local government, from the District Disabled Welfare Office nor any schemes from the State Government.

The leaders of the Rights of People with Disability (RPwD) taskforce met Hanumantha in Nagalapura on 13th September 2021. 


Support for Hanumantha from APD’s Taskforce

After meeting him, the leaders of RPwD realised the urgency in meeting Hanumantha’s needs. On behalf of Hanumantha, they demanded for a wheelchair and a cane from local authorities. This issue gained media attention and was followed with discussions with the  Disabled Welfare officer of the district and with local rehabilitation workers. The very next day, the District Disabled Welfare Officer responded proactively and provided a wheelchair and cane to Hanumantha.

The credit for this goes to the RPwD taskforce district leaders; Mr. Suresh and others for advocating the rights and ensured basic facilities.

SERVE’s role in this initiative

Association of People with Disability (APD) in partnership with SERVE and collaboration with Misean Cara initiated COVID-19 awareness programmes in 3 rural districts of Karnataka, India. The main goal of the project is to protect people with disabilities against COVID infection by mobilising the local health departments for vaccinations of PwDs .

This project also ensures PwDs and high risk groups access services during the lockdown period by devising alternative methods of delivery. APD has implemented the project with the support of RPwD task force leaders with the support of govt departments such as Dept. for the Empowerment of Differently Abled and Senior Citizens and other relevant stakeholders. 

SERVE Anytime stories of Solidarity Hanumanthas Mobility People living with disabilities
Hanumantha at home in Nagalapura village in Karnataka, India

Help vulnerable people lead a dignified life

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