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SERVE delivered an excellent workshop to the Transition Year students of Piper’s Hill College, Naas, Ireland demonstrating who they are and what they’re trying to achieve, in their work with overseas development and volunteering. With this workshop in mind, the students decided to reach out to SERVE and offer their assistance to help create a mural that demonstrate the importance of Sustainable Development Goals.

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How We Did It

The blog below is written by Transition Year students (2023) of Piper's Hill College, Naas, Ireland.

On Monday morning, we all got together at the SCALA centre. Sophie, who is a member of SERVE, gave us a presentation on what SERVE does and the issues they are tackling. For this project we were collaborating with a youth group from Cork City.

After that, we got into two groups and started brainstorming for a mural. Both groups came up with different ideas. By the end of the session, we had all come together and mixed our ideas into one mural . A local artist called Elton helped us to sketch the idea onto a piece of paper.

After we finalised our idea for the mural on Tuesday, we painted the wall white and prepped it for later.

While the wall was drying after our preparations, we decided to repaint parts of an old mural that you can see at the front of the SCALA building. Once the wall was completely dry, we started sketching with the help of Elton. When our sketching was finished, we then painted the land, sea and eventually the sky. We made various improvisations and edits throughout the painting. We also painted the side walls using SDGs as the subject matter.

From Tuesday to Thursday they painted everything in and it was a blast!

Obviously it came out different but we are more than happy with the final product and what it represents. As a fun personal touch we decided to paint our hands and print them onto the wall as leaves on a tree. You can see this in the video.

We had multiple breaks throughout the day and week as it was far too hot and we needed some food, this volunteering experience not only helped us learn and improve on painting, but we also learned how to share ideas with others, communicate and work as a team.

In this mural, we added many sdg such as poverty llife on land and lufe in the sea.

Our Goals

The sustainability mural is like a big, colourful picture that tells a story about taking care of the Earth. It aims to make people think about how we can be kinder to the environment and each other. The mural uses pictures and symbols to show things like recycling, protecting nature, and using clean energy.

The mural wants to inspire everyone who sees it to do little things, like using less plastic or planting trees, that can add up to make a big difference for our planet. The mural is like a friendly reminder for everyone to be good to the Earth and to work together to keep it healthy.

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