Skills Centre for adults in South Africa

SERVE supports the building of a much need skills centre with our partner Tsholofelo Community at Bokamoso Community, near Rustenburg, South Africa

Initial development work completed at Rustenburg site for a new skills centre funded by SERVE (2023)

SERVE has provided financial support to build a skills centre for adults at a new site with our partner Tsholofelo Community in the community of Bokamoso near Rustenburg, South Africa.

In 2020, the community in Bokamoso requested Tsholofelo to run a skills training programme. A location was chosen in 2022 when the Rustenburg Municipality donated a site to Tsholofelo.

A proposal to create the new Centre was submitted to SERVE when John McCarthy from Team SERVE visited the Tsholofelo Community in May 2023.

SERVE has contributed €5,700 to the development of this site. The work included constructing a two room building, toilets, and construction of a fence with a gate.

The project empowers Tsholofelo Community to provide trainings in basic IT skills, sewing, carpentry, welding and adult literacy to over 100 adults a year.

We are proud to partner with Tsholofelo Community on this project!

SERVE has been working with Tsholofelo since 2005. Read more.

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