World Day of Social Justice '22

World Day of Social Justice 2022 Ireland Irish Charity SERVE Cork

"We're a global community!" - John McGeady, SERVE alumni

20th February is World Day of Social Justice. The theme for World Day of Social Justice 2022 is Achieving Social Justice through Formal Employment.

We did a poll last year to find out how people define social justice and how we can support the rights of people around us. Today is a good day to revisit few of the remarkable responses.

Social justice is about equity.
Social justice is about combatting discrimination and inequalities in the world.
I can support the rights of the people around me by educating myself on citizenship and contribute to others positively.

Contribute to Equity

The UN explains, “More than 60 per cent of the world’s employed population, that is 2 billion women, men and youth, earn their livelihoods in the informal economy. The COVID-19 pandemic has put a spotlight on the vulnerability of workers in the informal economy. Informal workers, as they often lack any form of social protection or employment related benefits, are twice as likely to be poor compared to formal workers. Most people enter the informal economy not by choice, but due to lack of opportunities in the formal economy.”

SERVE works closely with Young Africa in Zimbabwe and Mozambique to help their students transition to the formal economy. The ongoing Skills for Youth Resilience Programme (SYRP) helps young people gain access to training programmes that include formal job placements.

We are also assisting Young Africa Zimbabwe in the establishment of Entrepreneurship Hubs to improve outcomes for those interested in self-employment and to push as much as possible for the formalisation of businesses.

Students learn about their rights and responsibilities in the workplace, as well as job opportunities with established and registered businesses, during their training. These steps actively help marginalised young people in bridging the gap to formal employment.

On World Day of Social Justice, you can contribute to equity with the purchase of our SERVE’d Up Cookbook. Proceeds from sales will go towards helping SERVE continue its work on the SYRP. 

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