Solidarity with Ukraine

Irish Charity SERVE like so many other citizens and groups are deeply perplexed by the unfolding tragedy being inflicted on the Ukrainian population. Donate to support SERVE’s partners, the Redemptorists in Ukraine who have opened their houses and churches as sanctuaries for displaced families.

SERVE like so many other citizens and groups are deeply perplexed by the unfolding tragedy being inflicted on the Ukrainian population as Ukraine courageously defends itself from an inexplicable war unleashed by Russia.

SERVE’s partners, the Redemptorists are immersed in local communities in Ukraine and have opened their houses and churches as sanctuaries for displaced families crippled with fear and anxiety.

Present in Tschernihiv in the north of Ukraine and Berdyansk, in the east of Ukraine, and Lviv as well in several locations close the Polish border, the Redemptorists, are offering shelter, food, and medical support. 

At border points with Poland, Redemptorists in Ukraine and parishioners are offering nourishment both physical and spiritual as families seek refuge in neighbouring countries.

The Redemptorists in Poland have established a humanitarian corridor to help deliver emergency supplies and funds. The Redemptorist Provincial in Poland is playing a leadership role in a coordinated approach to welcoming Ukrainian families as they flee the war, helping them towards shelter, food, and integrated support. In Slovakia, the Redemptorists have made their monastery in Kostlna available to host fleeing families who will cross from Ukraine to Slovakia.

Update 18th May

Fr. Andriy Rak, C.Ss.R., Provincial superior of the Lviv Province, updates the situation in Ukraine, which is suffering from the ongoing Russian aggression. He also says a thank you to all confreres and people of goodwill who responded with humanitarian help and continue to stay united to advance the peace.

Please get in touch with us for any queries or to support our Appeal

Update 25th March

SERVE has received over €60,000 in donations so far to support our partners, the Redemptorsits in Ukraine. 

Eleven generators were purchased in Poland and distributed to nine different locations in Ukraine to support centres hosting and caring for fragile families.

On Saturday March 26th, a large generator purchased in Ireland will be driven by members of the Gardai to Slovakia, and then transported to Ivano- Frankivsk in Ukraine to the Redemptorist centre now caring for vulnerable, who with their carers had to flee Khakiv. 

This centre has a very industrious bakery and kitchen preparing meals for elderly people and others who are unable to flee their homes.

Update 21st March

Redemptorist community & volunteers in Ivano Frankivsk delivering bread baked in monastery kitchen to deliver to elderly & fragile in their homes. (Photo on 19th March 2022)

SERVE has received over €31,000 in donations so far to support our partners, the Redemptorsits in Ukraine. We share the nine different levels at which we’re working together with them.

1. Shelter for fleeing families

In Ukraine, the Redemptorists are present at ten location including close to the Russian and Belarus border, and close to Moldova border.

In each of these locations the Redemptorists have opened their houses, halls and churches as sanctuaries and shelter for fragile and fleeing families. SERVE is working with the Redemptorists to resource and deliver food, medicine, hygiene items, and essential supplies.

2. Ukrainian Border Solidarity

In the border region of Novojavoriosk about 25km from the Polish borders, the Redemptorists are delivering food, blankets, water to the 30km tailback of vehicles trying to travel into Poland, and where families wait for days before being able to pass. They have opened Care Centres and Halls to offer wrap-around services to fleeing families. SERVE has helped the Redemptorists to support people who are fleeing towards the West of Ukraine to find accommodation in public buildings by establishing a camp for fleeing families.

3. Food and Orphan Support

In Ivano-Frankivsk the Redemptorists have created a welcoming space for over eighty orphan children and their carers who have fled the besieged city of Kharkiv. The monastery kitchen is preparing meals and high energy biscuits for elderly and disabled people who cannot leave their flats and homes. They are baking fresh bread daily and sharing the bread with fleeing families gathered in halls and public building. SERVE has procured a large generator to help support the children and families at this centre.

4. Besieged City Solidarity

In Chernihiv the Redemptorists like most other citizens are stranded for large parts of the day in basements as their city and local communities are bombarded. When possible, food and reassuring supports are offered to vulnerable people who cannot move from their basements.

5. Medical Aid

The Redemptorists have delivered over 50 ton of medical supplies to five different hospitals in different regions of the Ukraine

6. Polish Border Solidarity

In Poland Redemptorists are working at six different border points to support refugees as they flee Ukraine, as well as connecting refugees to safe accommodation.

7. Slovakia Border Solidarity

In Slovakia, the Redemptorists have opened four centres to welcome and host refugees fleeing Ukraine.

8. Reliable Corridors

The Redemptorists have established a warehouse resource facility and have successfully transported in convoy- food, medicines, generators, blankets etc., specialised medical equipment, hygiene kits into Ukraine.

9.1 Limerick, Ireland

The Redemptorists are members of the forum established by the City Council to coordinate the response to the arrival of refugees from Ukraine in Limerick. The Redemptorist Perpetual Help Fund has allocated funding to Doras and Simon in Limerick to help support newly arriving refugees from Ukraine.  Further funding is now being allocated to support the Simon food bank facility.

9.2 Cork, Ireland

The Redemptorists and SERVE are networked into the humanitarian organisations channelling humanitarian supplies to Ukraine and also working to facilitate the integration of Ukrainian refugees into life in Cork.

Update 11th March 2022

SERVE has received over €28,000 in donations so far for the Ukraine Appeal. We cannot thank you enough.

SERVE is working with the Redemptorists to channel the humanitarian effort. On Tuesday March 8th, five large vans left from Cork with emergency humanitarian supplies. This special expression of solidarity involved an alliance of Cork Penny Dinners, Cork Missing Persons Search and Recovery, SERVE, Scala, and Cork Life Centre working together to deliver aid.

The destination initially is Lezajsk, Poland which is close to the Ukraine border, and about 2.3 hours from Lviv. A humanitarian corridor is functioning where humanitarian aid is being delivered from Lezajsk Poland to Brzuchaovice in Lviv and then being distributed to Chernigiv in the north, Berdyans’k in the East, Kamianex’Pedil’skyj in the south, and Hinizdychiv and Novojaravoriosk in the West, Ivano-Frankivs’k and Ternopil

The team of five vans have arrived.

In Novojavoriosk, which is close to the Polish border, the Redemptorists are working with other civil society groups to open hall, churches, homes, public buildings and schools to accommodate the huge influx of families expected to arrive, as Ukrainians flee from their homes towards the West of Ukraine. Roman Lahish a Urkrainian Redemptorist is preparing an emergency camp to accommodate fleeing families.

The delivery of humanitarian supplies form Cork includes many tents donated by the generous people of Cork. We hope that they will be in Novojavoriosk on Saturday, March 12th.

Next week, SERVE is planning the shipment of a forty-foot container to Poland via the Netherlands which will arrive close to the Ukrainian border, via ship and train.

SERVE chairperson Gerry O'Connor (2nd from right) packing supplies for Ukraine with the Scala family in Cork.

This container will include specialised medical equipment and kits, generators, chainsaws and terminal blankets. The intended destination includes sanctuaries where families are being accommodated, and hospitals and health centres.

Representatives of SERVE and the Redemptorists are also working with other agencies in developing pathways for Ukrainian families to find refuge in Ireland.

Your ongoing support of SERVE, with your generous donations are deeply appreciated and will be channelled carefully and strategically to support fragile families, who are experiencing painful upheaval in a time of unprecedented danger and fear.

Update 8th March 2022

SERVE has received additional €2372 in donations from the Irish people since our last update.

Watch the message from Fr. Andriy Rak C.Ss.R., Provincial Superior of the Lviv Province. He explains, “When we can, – we help refugees with transportation to safe places. We try to give them temporary shelter in our monasteries.”

Please donate what you can to support the efforts of our partners, the Redemptorists in Ukraine.

SERVE chairperson Gerry O'Connor (2nd from right) packing supplies for Ukraine with the Scala family in Cork.

Update 3rd March 2022

SERVE has received €1015 in donations so far from the Irish people to support the humanitarian efforts delivered by our partners, the Redemptorists in Ukraine. Please donate what you can to support the efforts.

Novojavoriosk_SERVE_Redmptorists_Ukraine Donate to SERVE Ukraine Appeal Irish charity
Photo of a camp Novojavoriosk about 25km from the Polish border. Photo sent by our partners, the Redemptorists who are delivering humanitarian aid.