SERVE's Development Work with Association of People with Disability

Association of People with Disability
Association of SERVE volunteer with few of the members of the APD community in Bangalore, India

About Association of People with Disability

Association of People with Disability  (APD) celebrated its 60th birthday in 2019. Through these years, APD has promoted innovation and positively impacted people living with disabilities in Bangalore, India. SERVE and APD have worked together since 2005.

SERVE’s volunteer programme is a great support to APD, India. In 2019, eight volunteers helped play a vital role with APD in promoting people with disability (PWD) through special services. An example of one of these engagements comes from SERVE volunteer Elaine Houlihan, a qualified physiotherapist. Elaine used her skills to work with the physiotherapy department at APD, and her special objective was to work in hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is a treatment that involves the use of water for pain relief. The physio department, at the time, lacked specialist knowledge in this area. Elaine used her skills and knowledge in hydrotherapy to run classes for children with cerebral palsy and facilitated specialist training for the newly formed hydrotherapy team. Elaine’s work was highly regarded in APD, and she found the whole experience very beneficial and explains,

‘Seeing the impact the hydrotherapy had on the children was heart-warming. I really started to notice it when parents said it to me about the improvements they had seen in their children after only one week of sessions’ 

-Elaine Houlihan

Other services available at APD in Bangalore include:

  • A school for children living with mild to severe physical disability
  • A programme for children living with mild to severe learning disabilities
  • A vocational training unit – including IT, Physiotherapy, orthotics, sewing and career guidance
  • A treatment and training centre for patients with Spinal Cord Injuries – including disability management, training of family members & counselling
  • A large horticulture programme that employs people with disabilities

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