Cyclone Idai Mozambique Appeal

On March 15th 2019, Cyclone Idai battered Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi. 90% of the city of Beira in Mozambique has been severely damaged or destroyed, displacing hundreds of thousands of people, and the death toll continues to rise as relief efforts take place on the ground.

We are aware that both the Young Africa Manga campus in Beira and the Dondo Agri-Tech campus have been severely damaged during this weather-related disaster.

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If paying by PayPal please ensure to include your name as a reference.


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Update 17th July 2019

SERVE has transferred an amount of £23,168 (approx €25,600) to Young Africa Mozambique to repair the creche building. The roof of one of the blocks was badly damaged during Cyclone Idai. The building also suffered from internal damage. This will be repaired along with new electrics, plumbing and painting to ensure that the building is safe for use. The work is expected to take 3-4 months to complete and it is essential that the work is done before rains start again towards the end of the year.
The creche was funded and built by St. Brigid’s Parish from Belfast in 2009 during a volunteer programme facilitated by SERVE. The Parish have generously raised the funds of £23,168 in response to Cyclone Idai.
The creche is used by community members and young women participating in skills training programmes at Young Africa. It provides an excellent level of care for 60+ children and is a core part of the Young Africa Beira campus in Mozambique.
The funds transferred immediately after Cyclone Idai helped in repair of the Magico Restaurant on the Beira campus.
The restaurant is used for Young Africa staff, students, community members, SERVE volunteers and by students as part of the catering course. Another important hub on the YA campus, empowering young people through practical and life skills training.

Update 11th April 2019

Students in Young Africa received cholera vaccinations, after the first cases of cholera were reported shortly after Cyclone Idai.

It is important to ensure the safety, health and well-being of Young Africa’s students to allow them to return to their education. These young people are the future of Mozambique and will play a key role in rebuilding their communities.

Update 26th March 2019

SERVE supported Greenhouse has been severely damaged. Young Africa students were learning how to grow tomatoes to sell at the market as an income generating project.

The classroom and admin blocks at Young Africa Agri-Tech has been severely damaged. This classroom block was funded by SERVE and donors.

Poultry department has been severely damaged, with just 200 chickens left of 5,000. Young Africa students were learning about the care, maintenance and management of poultry, with business skills to learn how to generate an income.

Cables are down and have consequently been destroyed by rats. This makes it difficult to restore power to the campus. The Agri-Tech campus is still without power.

Update 25th March 2019

A SERVE-funded generator is being repaired today in Beira. The generator can be used to power the entire Beira centre. This means that the centre can potentially open, to allow carpentry and metal-work students to access the workshops and help in the repair of the centre. It also means that the centre will have access to clean water.

Update 22nd March 2019

Young Africa have been able to source medical supplies locally and are arranging delivery to each of the centres. Road networks are still dangerous and it is difficult to travel. 

This is what we know so far about the damage to the centres:

Young Africa Agri-Tech Dondo Campus:

– The admin block in the Agri-Tech campus has been damaged, with all computers and the library being destroyed.
– We fear mass death among farm animals. Just 200 of the 5000 chickens have survived. We do not yet know about cows etc.
– Incubation facilities (poultry): roof gone and structure partially damaged.
– Cow sheds in Dondo have completely collapsed
– Pig sty’s damaged
– SERVE greenhouses completely destroyed
– Toilet block in Dondo is completely destroyed
– Students and staff are stranded in Dondo with no access to food, clean and safe drinking water or medication.
– Staff and students have lost all of their belongings, and we are aware that staff have lost their homes.
– 7 of 12 solar panels destroyed
– Canteen partially destroyed
– Hostels partially damaged – roof and windows gone

Young Africa Manga Campus:

– Hall at Young Africa Manga campus destroyed. Roof, doors and windows all gone
– Hostel on the Manga campus has lost it’s roof and windows. With rains continuing, the structure needs reinforcing as it is deteriorating.
– Ceiling in computer department is gone
– Warehouse has lost its roof
– Roof and ceiling of classroom block destroyed
– Roofs have been ripped off the classrooms, creche, admin blocks and schools and we do not know if the buildings are safe.
– The restaurant which is a place of learning and entrepreneurship, has been severely damaged and we believe the building is no longer structurally sound.
– Water tanks collapsed
– Toilet block roofing gone
– Cracks in library roof, it is leaking
– Ground floor of school / admin block is cracked and leaking
– Store room completely destroyed

The impact that Cyclone Idai has had on Young Africa’s Beira and Dondo campuses is devastating.

Update 21st March 2019

SERVE has transferred €15,000 to Young Africa Mozambique as part of the emergency response to Cyclone Idai. Funds will be used to purchase food and water, cooking oil, water purification tablets, soap, anti-malarials, fuel for the generators, medical supplies and roofing sheets. These supplies are for the benefit of students, staff and their families who are stranded at Young Africa’s training centres, which themselves have been badly damaged.

Update 20th March 2019

The roof of the hostel on the Manga campus has been completely ripped off. We do not yet know if the structure is safe.

This hostel was built with support from Irish Aid, Electric Aid, SERVE and SERVE volunteers.

The classroom block in Agri-Tech Dondo, funded by SERVE has also lost it’s roof and windows. Everything inside is destroyed.

The admin block at Agri-Tech in Dondo has been severely damaged. All computers and the library has been destroyed.

The gazebo and volunteer houses built by SERVE 2018 volunteers and Young Africa students has been seriously damaged. The gazebo was completely funded by SERVE volunteers last year.

The roof from So Magia’s restaurant has completely ripped off.

Update 19th March 2019

  • Dondo has also been severely affected. The Dondo Training Centre has lost its roof and windows, destroying all computers, the library etc. with just the walls remaining.
  • Dondo is running out of food. All roads are blocked due to fallen trees and destroyed roads. There is an urgent need for food, water, water purification pills, cholera medicine and anti-malarials.
  • Young people attending the Young Africa Agri-Tech campus have been unable to leave Dondo due to poor and dangerous conditions.  
  • The school block and hall on the Manga campus are badly affected

Update 18th March 2019

  • The roofs from the girls hostel, the school and the creche on the Manga campus have been completely destroyed, walls have fallen and the campus is submerged in flood water.

This is a breaking story that we will update as we receive the information.

Beira has been home to Young Africa and SERVE volunteers for over 10 years. Young Africa has been supporting young people in Mozambique to live independently through practical and life skills training for over 10 years. Please donate what you can to support the relief efforts to allow Young Africa to rebuild and continue their life-enhancing work with young people in Beira and Dondo.

Attend an Event

Our wonderful network of SERVE Alumni have rallied together to organise fundraising events across the country. If you see an event close to you, please show your support. We look forward to seeing you there!

Thursday 11th April 2019

Thank you to SERVE volunteer Marlece McCarthy (South Africa, Mozambique 2007) who organised a fundraiser in Essex in aid of SERVE’s Cyclone Idai Appeal.

Thank you so much! #SolidarityInAction

Thursday 4th April 2019

Thank you to everyone who attended our Galway fundraiser. This table quiz raised €730.80. Well done to our volunteers who organised the event!

Saturday 30th March 2019

Thanks to all who supported Aubrey’s fundraiser on Saturday 30th March. Aubrey raised a fantastic €191 in aid of SERVE’s Cyclone Idai Appeal.

Photo: Aubrey performing at the Young Africa Graduation in Mozambique in 2017.

Tuesday 2nd April 2019

Thank you to all who supported the fundraising table quiz in Cork. The quiz raised €1,347.16 for our Cyclone Idai Emergency Appeal.

Wednesday 27th March 2019

Thank you to our fantastic volunteers who raised €1,128.75 at the first Cyclone Idai fundraiser in Dublin. Peter Finnerty, Rachel Bourke and Fiachra Brennan organised the event the day SERVE launched our Cyclone Idai Appeal. Well done everyone, and a huge thank you to everyone who came and donated on the night.

Belfast, Galway and Essex event details tbc