From Dondo to John Deere

Empowered and employed

Lúcio Lourence Francisco Ngoca (Photo: Samuel Antonio Mutacha )

Lúcio Lourenco Francisco Ngoca studied Agricultural Mechanics at Young Africa Agri-Tech Dondo, Mozambique. He believes that the best thing about studying at Young Africa is Life Skills Education. Lúcio says that this course taught him the importance of respecting people and because of this he is now able to work as part of a team.

Prior to enrolling at Young Africa Lúcio was a salesperson for car parts in the informal market. He is now employed as a mechanic at LonAgro Mozambique, a John Deere dealership.


From Dondo to John Deere

From Dondo to John Deere (Photo: Samuel Antonio Mutacha)