SERVE Development Programme 2016-2019

The SERVE Development Programme (SDP) 2016-2019 is SERVE’S priority programme of work. It is being implemented with four partners in South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe, in association with the Irish Aid’s Civil Society Fund. The goal of the SDP is to reduce vulnerability and improve livelihood security for poor children, young people, women and men in targeted communities.

The SDP integrates

(1) Funding support to development programmes;

(2)Capacity development support to partners;

(3) Holistic training to youth;

(3) Volunteering placements; and

(4) Development Education and Public Engagement.

The SDP is being implemented with support from Irish Aid’s Civil Society’s Funding Scheme, Electric Aid, the Edmund Rice Trust, Lloyds TSB NI and other donors in Ireland and the UK.

As the SDP evolves SERVE will be providing reports and the results of the monitoring and evaluation work we are doing with our partners.  Our Logic Model and Results Framework set out what we are trying to achieve and the indicators we are using to measure our progress. Read more below:

Results Framework

SERVE’S Approach to TVET

SERVE Mozambique Country Strategy 2016

SERVE Zimbabwe Country Strategy 2016

Overview of SDP & Priority Partners

Please look at these Presentations for more information about the SERVE Development Programme.  Scroll through using the arrows (For presentation 2 and 3, Click on “Start Prezi”.  After the page loads, use the arrows at the bottom of the window to scroll through the presentation)

SDP Guide

SDP Priority Partners

SERVE Volunteers

The SERVE Development Programme is SERVE’S priority programme of work. SERVE sends volunteers to work with our partner’s Young Africa in Beira Mozamabique and Tsholofelo in Rustenberg, South Africa.

Click below to learn more about the SDP partner countries where our volunteers work


South Africa