SERVE Pen Pals Project

Cork Students say hello to pen pals in Vietnam and Zambia. They are standing in front of the Global Goals mural by Elton Sibanda.

About SERVE Pen Pals Project

The SERVE Pen Pals Project began in 2022 to bridge the youth in Ireland and Germany to Vietnam and Zambia. This initiative contributes to  a deeper understanding of cultures while sustaining the art of letter writing. 

SERVE has initiated a PenPal writing project between the schools we work with in Ireland and Germany and our partners in Vietnam and Assumption Parish in Zambia. This is part of the SDG Champions School Programme. This project is presently being co-orodinated by Rory Murphy from the SERVE team.

Milimo Muchanga our partner liaison with Assumption Parish explained,  “This project helps young people in the community to practise English reading, writing and speaking skills. This gives the youth an opportunity to develop social skills while learning about a different culture. Students have begun to understand the differences in the world around them in all areas of life relevant to them.”

Rory explains, “The SERVE Pen Pal Project connects connects students in Cork, Mayo, Kildare, Augsburg (Germany), Hanoi, (Vietnam) and Mazabuka (Zambia). Over 200 students across these cities engaged. This project has been a value to the students in Ireland and Germany because it helps them to understand the challenges that other young people face in different parts of the world, develop friendships, and understand the similarities and differences between themselves and young people around the world. While students in Vietnam and Zambia also gain new perspectives, they are also practising English to communicate effectively which is useful for their future. “

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