SERVE welcomes Len to Cork

Len Wolters joins SERVE as long-term volunteer and shares a few thoughts on the parallels between boxing and life.

Len Wolters is SERVE long-term volunteer
Len Wolters

I am Len Wolters a German volunteer who is volunteering with Serve for the next year. A bit more about me is that I love boxing.

Many people will say boxing is a sport you can only do on your own, but I think it is a team sport as much as football is. It is about supporting the others in your Boxing Gym to develop their skills and helping them to get better.

Boxers with much experience can help other boxers who have less experience to learn new skills and younger boxers can challenge the older and more experienced boxers to push their limits, so every boxer has a purpose.

So, I think boxing is very similar to life. Sometimes it’s hard but everybody serves a purpose and should support each other.

During the year I look forward to gaining new experiences and meeting new and interesting people. I am very interested in the work SERVE does and because of this, I want to support and learn more about the work they do.

I am especially interested in the partnerships SERVE has in Africa and Asia because I can support people who are in need while gaining experiences and knowledge about new cultures.

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