"Volunteering pushes you outside of your comfort zone.."

Laura Canning joins Team SERVE in the role of Global Citizenship Education and Volunteer Programme Coordinator. Laura writes about spirit of volunteering.

Laura Canning SERVE

My first experience as a volunteer was on a SERVE immersion programme in Zambia in 2017. My experience on the immersion programme was eye opening and thought provoking and upon returning home and finishing school it prompted me to continue volunteering locally.  

One of the main things I took from the immersion project was the fact that many young people in Ireland can take education for granted and the opportunities that follow as a result.  All children and young people deserve equal opportunities and access to good quality education is key in achieving this.

Over the past year I volunteered as an English Language teacher for adult migrants in Ireland and the UK, and recently taught children and young people in Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia. Although I had no previous experience in a classroom before, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  

One of the many great things about volunteering is that it pushes you outside of your comfort zone but in an environment where you can grow and learn. Volunteering also allows you to become a part of a friendly community of people from all different backgrounds and cultures who are willing to try new things together.

The best thing about being a volunteer is the people you meet and befriend along the way, many of my best friends are people I met while volunteering.      

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