Volunteer in Zambia with SERVE in 2023

An overview of your SERVE volunteer placement in Zambia

SERVE Volunteering Programme 2023 Hybrid Overseas Zambia India Ireland Mozambique
SERVE Volunteers at Assumption Paraish, Mazabuka in Zambia

In Zambia, volunteers will split their time between Mazabuka and Lusaka.

In Mazabuka, volunteers will be placed for two weeks with the SERVE and Assumption Parish Youth Project. The project targets young people, delivering programmes in the areas of primary education, practical youthwork, and life-skills training. SERVE have been working in Zambia since 2009, supporting targeted infrastructure and capacity building initiatives.

In Lusaka, volunteers will be placed for two weeks with Young Africa Zambia. Young Africa’s focus is on life skills and technical and vocational training. SERVE and Young Africa have been working closely together since 2008, delivering innovative projects that are focused on technical, vocational, and educational training (TVET), life skills, and practical youthwork. 


What work will I be doing at both locations? 

  • – Facilitating a programme of youthwork and youth leadership training, under the guidance of a youthwork specialist. 
  • – Facilitating creative arts workshops for children and teenagers, with a focus on music, drama, and sport. 
  • – Conversational English lessons 
  • – Minor construction work such as painting etc 
  • – Supporting the on-going initiatives of the Assumption Parish Youth Project and Young Africa, Zambia 



Most frequent questions and answers

Age 18+ and must no longer be in full time second level education. All backgrounds and disciplines are welcome. You must be willing to get stuck-in, open to learning about new cultures and perspectives, and able to live and work with a diverse group of people.

This placement is open to individuals with a variety of backgrounds and skills. Volunteers must be willing to get stuck in and enjoy working with children and teenagers.

A background in youthwork, creative arts or teaching is an advantage.

Other skills that would be useful include experience in HR/recruitment/professional development and career advisors.

You will be required to consult  your doctor for expert medical advice. Vaccinations are at the expense of the individual volunteer and should not be fundraised for.

In Lusaka, volunteers will live as a group in Young Africa’s YWCA accommodation. In Mazabuka, volunteers will live as a group in the Assumption Parish community house, located at the heart of all project activities. In both locations, accommodation is basic but comfortable. Meals are provided on-site. 

The SERVE volunteer programme is an immersive experience, with huge learning opportunities. Volunteers work closely with locals, offering a unique opportunity to gain insights into the lives of people in Zambia.

An average day includes but is not limited to:

  • – Facilitating youth work and youth leadership training. 
  • – Facilitating creative arts and sports activities. 
  • – Immersion into life in Zambia. 
  • – Unstructured engagement with the people of Mazabuka, through working side-by-side, playing sport or games, or through general conversation. 
  • – Global Citizenship Education

Global Citizenship Education (GCE) is a core part of the SERVE volunteer programme. The placement, through the immersion of volunteers into the everyday challenges of life, presents unique opportunities for global learning and nurturing cross-cultural understanding. 

The learning experience of the placement is contextualised through GCE. Through interactive sessions and tasks, facilitated by the team leaders or guest speakers, volunteers are encouraged to think critically about the placement, their role in the world, and broader issues of injustice, inequality, and the challenge of sustainable and inclusive development. GCE is mainstreamed through the pre-departure training, the placement, and the debriefing seminar. 

Read up on all the placements then register here.

Once you have submitted your application, a member of Team SERVE will be in contact with you to organise an interview (in-person or Zoom).

If you are successful, your place will be confirmed shortly afterwards. 

FAQ on Fees

Most frequent questions and answers

This is relevant to those who are applying to volunteer overseas with SERVE.

You have to raise a minimum of €3,495 / £3,070 (inclusive of your non-refundable deposit of €200/£200). 

This covers the costs relating to:

  • – your flight and travel insurance,
  • – pre-departure training costs,
  • – in-country support,
  • – your main meals, accommodation, transport while on your overseas placement
  • – a grant to the overseas partner with whom you will be placed and
  • – your attendance at the SERVE “Next Step” Weekend following your return to Ireland. 

You will receive fundraising support and workshops extensively during the pre-departure training days and on request at any stage throughout the process. 

This is relevant to those who are applying to volunteer overseas with SERVE.

Many of our Volunteers raise sums over and above their 3,495 / £3,070.  All of the funds raised above the target amount go directly to our Project Country fund; this provides financial support to our partners, enabling them to deliver on projects which the volunteers will work on. 



This is relevant to those who are applying to volunteer overseas with SERVE.

The 3,495 / £3,070 participation fee primarily covers the running costs of your placement. If you do not raise this amount, you will have to forfeit your place. However, if you are having trouble with fundraising, you will have the support of both SERVE and our volunteer network to help you to reach your target. 



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