Volunteer locally with SERVE in 2023

An overview of your SERVE volunteer placement

SERVE Volunteering Programme 2023 Hybrid Overseas Zambia India Ireland Mozambique
SERVE Volunteers at Scala in Cork

This is a new option as part of our Volunteer Programme 2023. Participants who are not travelling overseas will work with experienced SERVE mentors to determine their interests in order to organise their own local volunteering.

Volunteers must complete a minimum of 8 hours volunteer work over the course of Summer 2023.  

We’re working on a online option for our local volunteers with our partners in Assumption Parish in Mazabuka, Zambia. This will be co-facilitated with SERVE volunteers on the ground in Mazabuka in July 2023. The placement will be based on our partner’s needs as well as the participant’s interests. Previous online workshops with our partners in Mazabuka include Conversational English lessons and CV and Interview Skills workshops with the youth of the community.  


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Age 18+ and you must be finished secondary school. All backgrounds and disciplines are welcome. You must be willing to get stuck-in, open to learning about new cultures and perspectives, and able to live and work with a diverse group of people.

Participant to identify local volunteering opportunity to suit their skill set and interests. 

SERVE mentors will be available to assist participants during this process.

For eg: You may choose to volunteer at the local animal shelter. Wherein you will discuss with the manager of the animal shelter  how you plan to spend a minimum of 8 hours with them during Summer 2023.

Read about the placement and then sign up here.

Once you have submitted your application, a member of Team SERVE will be in contact with you to organise an informal phone interview at the end of October. This phone interview is to find out more about you and why you want to volunteer with us and be part of our 2023 Volunteer Programme.

If you are successful, your place will be confirmed shortly afterwards. 

FAQ on Fees

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This is relevant to those who are applying to volunteer overseas with SERVE.

You have to raise a minimum of €3,495 / £3,070 (inclusive of your non-refundable deposit of €200/£200). 

This covers the costs relating to:

  • – your flight and travel insurance,
  • – pre-departure training costs,
  • – in-country support,
  • – your main meals, accommodation, transport while on your overseas placement
  • – a grant to the overseas partner with whom you will be placed and
  • – your attendance at the SERVE “Next Step” Weekend following your return to Ireland. 

You will receive fundraising support and workshops extensively during the pre-departure training days and on request at any stage throughout the process. 

This is relevant to those who are applying to volunteer overseas with SERVE.

Many of our Volunteers raise sums over and above their 3,495 / £3,070.  All of the funds raised above the target amount go directly to our Project Country fund; this provides financial support to our partners, enabling them to deliver on projects which the volunteers will work on. 



This is relevant to those who are applying to volunteer overseas with SERVE.

The 3,495 / £3,070 participation fee primarily covers the running costs of your placement. If you do not raise this amount, you will have to forfeit your place. However, if you are having trouble with fundraising, you will have the support of both SERVE and our volunteer network to help you to reach your target. 



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