"Through the monitor I could see their wide smiles.."

Participants from our Think Global, Act Local programme facilitated online workshops over four weekends on Cover Letter CV writing and interview skills for young people at Assumption Parish who are our partners based in Mazabuka Zambia. This was all part of the volunteering projects of our Global Citizenship Education programme. 

Below is a blog by one of the TGAL volunteers Antonio who describes the experience as an “enormous honour”.

Antonio TGAL SERVE Programramme online volunteering
Photo of group in Assumption Parish attending the online session faciliatted by SERVE volunteer, Antonio.

Hi! My name is Antonio and I volunteered with SERVE under the Think Global, Act Local (TGAL) programme. I volunteered online with young people from the Assumption Parish in Mazabuka, Zambia where I taught them interview skills through a virtual presentation. 

Presenting my work in front of so many people was an enormous honour and pleasure. I hope that my work will contribute positively to their lives and they will reap benefits from the skills I shared with them. 

The young people were really engaged in what I had to tell them and they had plenty of questions afterwards, meaning that the work I did with them stimulated their interest. I’m very thankful to them for the trust they placed in me and for giving me their attention. 

Through the monitor I could see their wide smiles and hear their cheerful hellos. Even though there were miles of distance between me and them, we felt them very close. They have been an amazing group and overall it has been an amazing experience. 

I’m very thankful to all the SERVE staff for giving me the chance to prepare this presentation. They are the true heroes! 

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