SERVE's Development Work with Young Africa Zimbabwe

Welding students at Young Africa mobile outreach programme supported by SERVE

About Young Africa Zimbabwe

Young Africa established their first skills training centre in in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe in 1998. Following this a centre was also developed at Epworth. SERVE have partnered with Young Africa Zimbabwe since 2008.

Young Africa Zimbabwe began its work in 1998 by establishing their first  skills training centre in Chitungwiza, Harare. Chitungwiza is a township located approximately 25km outside Harare and has 1 million inhabitants. The people in this township are very underprivileged and there are few opportunities for education or employment. Most of the young people in Chitungwiza are unable to travel to Harare on a daily basis due to the ongoing fuel crisis, high bus fares and unreliable public transport. These social conditions mean that young people engage in risky behaviour and HIV/AIDS is a major part of life in Chitungwiza.

Today it is providing education, practical skills training and life skills training to over 400 young people daily, and over 1000 young people daily access some service at Young Africa Zimbabwe. 

The impact of all programmes is monitored closely: 80% of the beneficiaries feel better off after training; 70% of the young people make more responsible decisions in regard to HIV/AIDS. Gender sensitivity and HIV/AIDS awareness are mainstreamed in action. Governmental and non-governmental authorities come to learn from us and have implemented the methodology of Young Africa into their own works.

At Epworth, Young Africa provides courses varying from dressmaking, building and carpentry to computer applications, secretarial services and O-Level tuition. A youth club offers young people somewhere to play basketball, games and watch movies. Life skills training and HIV/AIDS awareness training is mainstreamed into these youth activities. Young Africa has a formal agreement with the Ministry of Youth Development to rent a building for a minimum of 15 years (2005-2220). Young Africa has plans to expand the Epworth project site. 

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