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Don't leave anyone behind this Christmas.

Donate €30 to SERVE this Christmas to help people like Silna, Marília and Irshad  – three of the many people who have benefited from the work we do.

Your donation will

  1. Fight poverty
  2. Tackle disability stigma
  3. Improve vulnerable communities

When you donate to SERVE you give many disadvantaged people a chance to prosper through access to education and community development. 

Meet the people we help

We would like you to meet SilnaMarília and Irshad – who have all benefitted from SERVE’s support. They share about themselves to help you understand the impact of the work SERVE does.

Where does the money go?

80% of all Christmas donations will go directly towards our development programmes with our partners. 

Your donation will give vulnerable people like SilnaMarília and Irshad a helping hand to overcome their challenges.

We do this by working with our partners to provide:

  • Access to Quality Education
  • Entrepreneurship Training
  • Disability Awareness Training
  • Community Development

100% of proceeds from all Solidarity Gifts will go directly to the communities are partners work in. 

We work with our partners to identify their needs to deliver access to quality education in vulnerable communities. Some of the programmes and types of initiatives we support financially are as follows:

  • school improvement – this could be infrastructure, equipment, materials etc,
  • capacity building for teachers and trainers,
  • scholarships for students and
  • various skills training opportunities for women and young people

There’s an unemployment crisis in southern Africa and our partners in Zimbabwe and Mozambique tackle this challenge through entrepreneurship training for young people.

Entrepreneurship training informs graduates how to start a business, how to manage funds and equips them to hire other people.

SERVE financially supports new graduates through micro-credit loans and a Graduate Kit.

SERVE works with Association of People with Disability, Bangalore, India (APD).

APD runs a programme that raises critical disability awareness by engaging school children in sensitisation training, an experiential learning experience that allows the participants to get a glimpse into the challenges and obstacles faced by those living with a disability in India.

SERVE offers financial support to run this initiative to actively end stigma of disability.

SERVE understands the complexities that vulnerable communities face, and our partnership based approach to international development means we can fund locally led initiatives and programmes ran by our partners on the ground. This means we support communities based on their needs and support them in the most sustainable way.

For e.g. we have financially supported the Badjao tribe in Cebu, Philippines to gain access to health care and improved living conditions. We have also sent emergency relief funding to the Badjao community after Typhoon Rai and to Young Africa in Beira after Cyclone Idai.

Your donation will help SERVE to continue doing this type of work.


SERVE’s overseas volunteering summer programmes are on hold owing to the global Covid-19 pandemic. However, SERVE offers new local volunteering opportunities. Please join our mailing list to stay updated on new volunteering programmes and opportunities. 

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