SERVE welcomes Sophie Lyons

We welcome Sophie Lyons to Team SERVE in the role of Fundraising and Events Administrator. Sophie writes a short blog to introduce herself.

Sophie Lyons joins Team SERVE
My first volunteer experience was in secondary school. My school was always holding bake sales and encouraging us to fundraise for various charities around town.
But I don’t think I fully appreciated the impact and significance of charities like SERVE until my education opened my eyes to all the injustices that still exist in the world.
I think it was difficult to understand in school how a bake sale could help someone halfway around the world.
My education, on the other hand, has taught me the value of volunteering and fundraising.
I earned a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and health from MTU and a master’s degree in public health from UL.
My MSc in Public Health introduced me to a wide range of people and highlighted many of the fundamental rights that people are still fighting for.
I believe that volunteering or assisting charities in any way possible pushes you to grow in many ways while also contributing to the fight against social injustices.
I am excited to begin my journey with SERVE and see how far I can push myself, learn along the way, and hopefully make a difference in the world where it matters.

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