SERVE in Harare

The SERVE Development Programme (SDP) 2012-2015 is being implemented with four partners in the southern region of Africa.  The goal of this Programme is to reduce vulnerability and improve livelihood security for poor children, young people, women and men in targeted communities. Irish Aid are one of the main supporters of the SDP. The four partners are Young Africa Zimbabwe, Young Africa Mozambique, Tapologo and Tsholofelo (both in South Africa).

As the final leg of the SERVE Development Programme approaches, we have established a regional office in Harare, Zimbabwe to ensure the best results. At our new regional office we have John McCarthy, SERVE Development Programme Officer and Joanna Dukkipati, long term volunteer in the role of capacity building for our partner Young Africa.

John has been part of the SERVE team for the last eight years in the role of programme development, institutional funding and monitoring & evaluation. As he continues his work at his new desk in Harare, we believe that his proximity with our local partners will enable effective results for the SERVE Development Programme.

Joanna has been part of the SERVE family for the last five years. She will be working in the role of capacity building with our local partner Young Africa in the areas of public relations, marketing and events. We believe that this will be a mutual learning experience for Young Africa and SERVE.

In addition to fulfilling the SDP, the SERVE team will also research project opportunities for the future. Our new regional office in Harare will bring us regular updates and share interesting stories that come from the communities in which our partners work with.