SERVE Recruiting Healthcare Volunteers for India, (8th July – 8th August)

SERVE is currently looking for volunteers with some experience in healthcare (nurses, doctors etc.) to work with us for four weeks (8th July – 8th August) on our volunteer project in India.

SERVE’s work is based in Bangalore and the surrounding rural area.  Each of SERVE’s partners in India work with those who are most vulnerable in society. SERVE offers both financial support and capacity building assistance to help these partners implement appropriate strategies to offer hope and dignity to those most in need.

Our recruitment of healthcare-experienced volunteers is specific for our work with our partner, Summanahalli.  Summanahalli is a leprosy and HIV rehabilitation centre in Bangalore. This centre works to fully integrate those who have been affected with leprosy into mainstream society through treatment, education and employment. In order to develop employment prospects they also actively educate and engage in skills training. Summanahalli realise the difficulties faced in full reintegration of those who have suffered with leprosy and has established three manufacturing units which produces candles, leather goods and garments.  Sumanahalli also provides services for those with HIV by providing both Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART) treatment/rehabilitation and life-skills training for people under its care. In addition, education is provided for children sufferers.


Sumanahalli is a 60 acre site and is composed of:

– ‘Ave Maria’ – A leprosy patients home and clinic

– ‘Support’ – Residential care for HIV patients

– ‘Echo’ – A young offenders Rehabilitation Centre

– St. Joseph’s School

– Don Bosco’s Vocational school

– Garments, leather goods, and candle making sites.

As Sumanahalli is such a vast, wide-ranging project past SERVE Volunteers have been involved in many different aspects of the project, from working in the leprosy clinic, to working in the school, to working with the young people in ‘Echo’. The project welcomes a wide variety of volunteer skills and experiences.

You can find some more information about our volunteer projects here and get further information about the costs of the programme and the fundraising required etc.:

If you are interested in applying, the process we undertake with all of our applicants is to make a presentation of our programme, which takes about 25 minutes and then undertake a 30 minute interview.  In this way it gives you a full picture of the programme you are signing up for and gives you the chance to ask some questions.

Please contact if you want to discuss this further.