Soccer, solidarity and growth

Urs Queng is SERVE’s new long term volunteer in Cork. Urs explains soccer and community go hand in hand. He also shares his hopes for the coming year with SERVE.

Urs Queng Long Term Volunteer SERVE
Urs Queng - Photo by José Bateira

I have been playing soccer in Germany for the last five years for FC Rot-Weiss Lessenich 1951. Soccer is a very versatile sport, because it also helps develop values such as solidarity and team spirit in ourselves.

Every player’s talent may help a team to win, however, without team spirit and solidarity a team can not succeed through wins and losses.

I was at the recently held SERVE 5-aside Soccer Tournament as a volunteer referee – and I can attest to the fact that soccer helps build communities too. The success of the seven teams who played for SERVE is a huge win for the partners SERVE works with in Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

I will be in Ireland for a year with SERVE. During this time, I look forward to meet people and have new experiences. I hope to learn a lot about fundraising and to have interesting conversations by helping on projects. I also hope to learn a lot about the different cultures of the countries SERVE sends volunteers to and about working with different people and on different issues.

I look forward to develop myself through my work with SERVE and that I will be able to look back on the year with gratitude.

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