SERVE supports the Badjao tribe through super typhoon Rai

SERVE supports the Badjao through super typhoon…
Irish charity SERVE works with Presentations Sisters in the Philippines.

SERVE and the Presentation Sisters

SERVE's Development Work with Presentation Sisters SERVE Volunteers…
Irish Charity SERVE supports Mavambo Trust's feeding programme for young children in the community

SERVE and Mavambo Trust

SERVE's Development Work with Mavambo Trust Irish Charity SERVE…

SERVE and Young Africa Zimbabwe

SERVE's Development Work with Young Africa Zimbabwe Welding…
Irish Charity SERVE's work in 2021

Standing in solidarity with indigenous communities

Governments of the world must do more to halt human rights violations and work towards achieving the SDGs. Sign up to SERVE monthly newsletter for updates on how we work with vulnerable communities to tackle the issues they're faced with.
Irish Charity SERVE supported the Water for All project in in Muvamba

SERVE and Muvamba Mission

SERVE's Development Work in Muvamba Mission SERVE…
Irish Charity SERVE's work in 2021

SERVE and Young Africa Mozambique

SERVE has supported Young Africa since 2007 with funding for critical projects and SERVE Volunteering programmes. SERVE seeks funding in aid of Young Africa Mozambique to invest in training departments, maintain access to skills training through scholarships and continue to support graduates start their own businesses.