We share a few reflections on Africa Day 2022 ....

SERVE celebrates joyfully the brimming possibilities sprouting up in communities in every corner of Africa.

We connect with citizens and civil society in Ireland immersed in cherishing and unleashing the potential of Africa.

We salute the Young Entrepreneurs that SERVE has resourced to commence exciting new businesses in Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

We congratulate the youth of Assumption Parish in Zambia for being leaders of their community with enthusiasm and commitment.

We dance with the dance schools that dot the townships, communities, and homes of African villages and towns.

We stretch the arm of solidarity to help young African citizens overcome the barriers that frustrate their efforts to reach their full potential.

We encourage Irish society in all its structures from local to national to establish mutually supportive partnerships with African communities, charities, initiatives, and enterprises to forge new pathways to opportunities and human flourishing for African citizens.