The value of Global Citizenship Education

Alexiy Sologub has recently joined SERVE for a 3 month internship. Alexiy writes a blog to shine light on the the role of Global Citizenship Education in shaping world view.

SERVE intern Alexiy writes about Global Citizenship Education

In an era where technology connects people from different corners of the globe with just a click, the concept of being a global citizen is gaining traction.

A recent study, using fancy tools like Social Network Analysis and multilevel modelling, delved into what factors drive this sense of global citizenship. And guess what? Education emerged as a major and valuable player in shaping how people view themselves in this global landscape.

So, what does this mean for us? Well, it underscores the crucial role education plays in shaping our worldview and sense of belonging in this global community.

It’s not just about memorising facts and figures; it’s about fostering a mindset that transcends borders and embraces diversity. And hey, maybe it’s time we start putting even more emphasis on global education in our schools and communities.

After all, it seems like the key to unlocking a true sense of global citizenship lies in the power of learning. Education emerges as a crucial factor in fostering global citizenship. It serves as a tool for understanding global issues and promotes intercultural understanding.

Additionally, factors like gender, age, and socioeconomic status influence individuals’ exposure to international experiences. Their attitudes towards global engagement with the concept of global citizenship is complex and multifaceted, influenced by a variety of factors at both societal and individual levels.

Understanding these factors is essential for promoting a sense of responsibility towards the global community and fostering a more interconnected world.

During my internship with SERVE where I am involved in programmes relating to Global Citizen Education and Communication. I hope my time with SERVE will teach me a lot about emphasising and providing Global Citizen Education to the youth.

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