SERVE Flip Flop Appeal 2022

During the month of May, join in to help empower women and young people gain the skills and training to live a dignified life.

About Flip Flop Appeal 2022 ​

SERVE’s commitment to fundraise in person for our partners who work closely with women and young people was impacted by COVID-19 public health restrictions.

Our partners in Africa and Asia have kept working throughout the pandemic, and we have supported them with emergency grants and development project grants over the last two years, with funds raised by supporters and from institutional donors. 

We invite you to join the Flip Flop Appeal 2022 with your friends, colleagues and customers to spread the story of the flip-flop pin, now that most restrictions have been lifted.

Impact of Flip Flop Appeal 2022

This year’s Flip Flop Appeal will support SERVE’s work with it’s partners to overcome the huge gap of employment opportunities for women and young people in Asia and Africa. 

SERVE is involved with partners who develop programmes that offer skills training, income generating opportunities, entrepreneurship training, employment opportunities, training on rights and responsibilities and child care facilities for parents who are attending training programmes.

These initiatives ensure that women and young people are

  • empowered,
  • have financial independence,
  • have a safe and decent work life,
  • equipped with other life skills to support personal development,
  • contribute to gender equality,
  • smashing stereotypes and
  • contribute towards equity,

When you join the Flip Flop Appeal you instantly become a Global Citizen who is fundraising to support SERVE and its partners deliver expert and sustainable solutions for local problems.

Few Photos from Flip Flop Appeal 2022 Fundraisers

History of Flip Flop Appeal

Flip-flops are the footwear of the poorest people of the world, so this is why it is featured on our logo and its significance is at the heart of our appeal. 

The Flip Flop Appeal, is our flagship fundraising campaign that began in 2005. SERVE has been able to advocate for vulnerable communities with the Irish people because of this appeal.

It allows SERVE to share the inspiring story of the Thai women who create our Fair-trade Flip Flop pins at income generating projects ran by the Good Shepard Sisters in Nong Khai, Thailand.

The project’s goal is to empower women to become self sufficient and live a dignified life.

SERVE Flip FlopAppeal 2022 Irish Charity

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