The work ethic in Beira and Dondo, Mozambique

By Ella Archbold

Throughout the work we got to do on the Young Africa campus, both in Beria and Dondo, the strong and patient work ethic that both students and staff had really stood out to me.

The students were always extremely eager to learn and wanted to work to their best ability, even if it was a simple task like collecting the sand and stones for the cement. Every student would divide the work out equally and then push themselves to achieve the most that they could.

Another aspect that stood out to me was how the students would be so punctual about working, and how they enjoyed teaching us the skills that they had already learnt. They were very proud seeing other people learn skills and information that they had taught us. They were so diligent and determined throughout all tasks. They listened to everything that the Formadora said and they had a lot of respect for them. Which added to the already great work environment.

I also noticed that they Formadoras were great examples and role models for the students. Staff in both campus’ had developed their incredible work ethic from Program Officers, Care Takers, Drivers and Directors. They thought the students the importance of completing all tasks and insuring that they’re completed correctly.

I really admired it and found it very motivating during the work day. It amazed me how eager the students were to learn and how much it meant to them to have the opportunity to develop such useful work skills. Some skills that people at home would turn a blind eye to! I hope to take a similar work ethic home with me to Ireland after seeing the determination and perseverance of the students in the Young Africa Campus’.