Wow Badjao

Children, Badjao Tribe, Cebu

Children, Badjao Tribe, Cebu

Fainche with Badjao children Cebu

Fainche with Badjao children Cebu

by Gráinne Lawrenson and Cara Flanagan

Wow Badjao

On the 1st of July we stepped on a plane,

To ourselves we thought are we insane,

We were nervous and shaking,

All our feet were quaking.


We arrived to the Badjao Tribe,

To a sea full of smiles,

And we thought to ourselves,

This is worthwhile.


The spirit of the tribe and the children too,

Really becomes a part of you,

The children performed their happy songs,

We soon settled in; it didn’t take so long,

We Irish danced around like mad leprechauns,

With Galway girl blasting the party was on.


We played with all the children in the yard,

Where the time went so fast we were caught off guard,

At the end of this day,

We were all very grey,

Because we wanted to stay.


The Badjao tribe are all so nice,

They eat a lot of rice,

Their attitude and love towards each other is worth a big price.

Our magical journey has just begun,

That will be filled with laughter and fun.