Arrival in Beira, Mozambique

– by Catherine Heneghan

After a long and somewhat tiring two days, the lights of Beira below signified the end of our travels. We were excited to leave the airport and begin the last leg of our journey to the Young Africa campus. Driving from the airport is an experience I will never forget. It really did feel like we were a million miles from Ireland.  What was before us, was not something I had anticipated.  Beira is a very vibrant city and we were struck by the sheer number of people and houses we saw on our drive to Young Africa. The land is packed with little houses, shops and markets.

The following day we were introduced to Young Africa and the positive work the organisation carries out for the local community. The courses which are run here greatly improve the chances of the young people for employment. We watched the graduation of some of the students from the college and met local people in the market. Everyone we have met have been extremely welcoming and excited at our arrival. I am looking forward to the construction aspects of our project, meeting the hostel girls, but most importantly working alongside this lovely team of volunteers and leaders.