Irish charity SERVE supports Youth Day celebrations in Mazabuka.

Youth Day 2022 in Mazabuka

Milimo Muchanga (2nd from left), SERVE liaison with Assumption…

Women’s Day 2022

Students in the Badjao Community in music…

SERVE supports the Badjao tribe through super typhoon Rai

SERVE supports the Badjao through super typhoon…
Irish Charity supports youth leadership

Introducing Milimo Muchanga

Introducing Milimo Muchanga, SERVE's liaison with The Assumption Parish community located in Mazabuka, Zambia. Milimo is proactive and committed to youth development in his community and makes him a role model for community leadership.
Irish Charity SERVE works in Zambia to tackle challenges in youth development

SERVE sends scholarships to young people for tailoring course

Irish charity SERVE offers 15 young people scholarships for a tailoring course at Nchete House in Mazabuka, Zambia. SERVE is extremely thrilled to support young people through this local programme. It addresses their challenges with a sustainable solution for youth development.

Cork charity sends COVID-19 support to different countries

Cork based charity, SERVE has offered financial support for emergency relief during the pandemic and for other COVID-19 related challenges in different countries. Your regular donation to SERVE helps tackle challenges where it is most needed.

Giveth the Challenger

Meet Giveth The Challenger Giveth worked in a garage in Harare.…

Venerva The Brave

Venerva the Brave The Badjao tradition is to marry early…
Volunteer With SERVE

Volunteer with SERVE Volunteer With SERVE SERVE's…
SERVE Christmas Appeal 2021

SERVE Christmas Appeal 2021

Support the SERVE Christmas Appeal 2021 to secure the future of a young person and advocate to achieve the Global Goals.